The Limit of Ceramic Processing Technology

Advanced ceramic materials, easy to break, and cracks easily spread, the fatal weakness of ceramic materials has seriously hampered its development and application. With the special ceramic material development and application of ceramic materials, the ceramic processing  become increasingly demanding, ceramic processing technology is also get more and more the people’s attention. In the ceramic materials processing, precision grinding is an important method. It can be divided into three types: removal processing, combined processing and deformation processing.

In precision or ultra-precision machining process, such as the removal  processing: to remove the surface layer of atoms,in that processing , accompanied by complex phenomena such as chemical reactions, handled properly will affect the material properties. According to reports, the ultra-precision machining of ceramic materials processing is to obtain high form accuracy, surface accuracy and surface integrity of the necessary way. In recent years, even though China has done a lot in the ultra-precision machining work, still has the distance with the developed countries. At present, large diameter, high-quality ball and so no we have to  rely on imports.

Impact of precision machining and ultra-precision machining processing mechanism has the main factors as follow: processed materials, processing equipment and its basic components, processing tools, test and error compensation, work environment, process design, fixture design, people skills and so on. Super There are ultra-precision machining of precision cutting tools, ultra precision grinding and ultra-precision polishing and special processing. We are currently based mainly on the surface geometry (plane, spherical, cylindrical surface) Ultra-high precision grinding, polishing processing technology and equipment to carry out a series of original processing methods, key techniques, processing and testing equipment research, technology and theory formation processing system, and put them into applications.