Metallized Ceramics

In order to achieve welding between ceramic and metal, the ceramic surface must be firmly glued to a layer of metal film, the ceramic metal. The ceramic surface of the metal, making it not only has the characteristics of ceramics, but also has properties of a composite material of metal, while the surface of ceramics can also be used in ceramic metal – metal seal area. Our existing technics include: be silver, molybdenum and manganese method, gold-plated law, tin law, law and other nickel metal ceramic technology, according to customer requirements for ceramic metal processing.

Technical Data of Metallized Ceramics

Application and Performance Characteristics:
        1. for the skeleton of the inductor, confers high-Q inductors, high frequency, the fine chip and other integrated features, ingredients: Alumina (AL203) content ≥ 92%, the metal parts of the bottom electrode for the Ag-Pd (Ag-Pd), or molybdenum manganese (Mo-Mn), the middle layer of nickel, tin or gold plating for the outermost. Colors in white, with a small amount of black.
        2. as a micro-chip transformer base and the base of power inductors, ingredients: Alumina (AL203) content ≥ 95%, the bottom electrode metal parts for the silver (Ag), the middle layer of nickel, the outer layer Tin or gold plated. Color is white
        3. used in making porcelain control, surge arresters, surge arresters with special insulation, high temperature, air tightness, heat dissipation, high mechanical strength and the harsh working environment of the high stability and other characteristics, you can use a variety of hard solder – gold, silver, copper, nickel and other good fiber welding.