Alumina Ceramic Lining Tile

Alumina Ceramic Lining Tile

The basic material for ResisTek’s “Wear Resistance Ceramic” is extreme pure synthetic (Alpha) alumina oxide. Today alumina ceramic of 92% purity is the best solution in terms of wear protection performance and material costs. However, other alumina content such 95% and 99% purity is usually custom made by the customers based on each specific conditions, which require either higher purity, impact or hardness for their applications.


Good wear resistant property and long service life; smooth surface, low friction coefficient, low density and light weight; resistant to all kinds of acid, alkali and salt; low thermal expansion coefficient and thermal conductivity, operating temperature can be up to 1000 centi-degree.


Applications Areas:

• Grinding systems• Mixer Application areas
• separator systems• chain conveyor
• cyclones• diffusor
• pipes• dedusting systems for coal, ash, sinter
• ducts• sinter slurry ducts
• Hooper• High temperature cyclones
• Ventilator housing• salt plants

We are manufacturing most of tiles such as  plain ceramic tile, weldable tile with cap and steel retainer for  abrasive wear , and cylinderical ceramic, hexgonal tile, small mosaic tile in retangular or in triangle shape for impact wear.
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