Resistek’s Eye on Enviroment

Following the “Earth Hour”campaign swept the globe after another global environmental action, “Earth Day ” will follow, one after another environmental action set off a wave of environmental enthusiasm. One reason is the low-carbon, energy and other environmental initiatives in line with national and social development trend; Second, more and more people are concerned about environmental protection, and to environmental action. As an environmental leader in enterprise Resistek has always insisted in “to be friend with natural”concept, the pursuit of business environment in harmony with the Earth. Untill today the concept of sustainable development has never changed. Under the guidance of the concept in the environment, Resistek launched a comprehensive, sustainable environmental management, permeates every aspect of business operations, throughout the product life cycle of each session.

earth-dayResistek live each day like Earth Day. Resistek is not only focusing on their own investment in environmental protection and development of environmental management in their own practice, but also working to build an open platform, and convergence of social forces to participate in environmental protection. For users, the product show Resistek concept of environmental protection, training users of green consumption habits; for the public, Resistek popularize environmental protection knowledge, environmental awareness, and promote the common care for the environment of public power.