The Application of Advanced Ceramic in Automobile Engine

New silicon carbide  ceramic and other inorganic non-metallic. Compared with the previous use of alumina, the intensity of its is more than three times, the ability of a high temperature are above 1000℃, new materials, new uses for advanced vehicle development. For example: you want Diesel fuel consumption reduced by 30% or more, can be indispensable for new ceramic materials. Gasoline is now burning about 78% of heat energy lost in heat transferring, engine thermal efficiency is of 33% compared with gasoline has been very favorable, but there are still over 60% of heat energy is lost. Therefore, in order to reduce this loss, good thermal performance with Ceramics combustion chamber surrounded by hot, then use the gas powered turbocharger exhaust turbine to recover energy, there are tests proved that the thermal efficiency can be increased to 48% . Meanwhile, new ceramic use, quick start diesel engine will become possible at moment. Using the new ceramic turbochargers has more advantages than  superalloys with superior heat resistance, while the proportion was only about one-third of its. Therefore, the new ceramic turbine can compensate for the dynamic response of the metal turbine low shortcomings. Other research being conducted there:taking A new ceramic piston pin piston rings and other moving parts,theengine efficiency will be expected to be improved