Nano Alumina (VK-L05C) was prepared as the main raw material of nano-alumina fine ceramics, due to a variety of functions, it has been applied in many industries

(1) multi-chip-type multilayer ceramic substrate: the nano-alumina ceramic multilayer substrate manufacturing method has four kinds of thick film hybrid method as follow: printing on a thick, green body lamination method, GREEN printing method.

(2) high pressure sodium LED lamp: A non-transparent polycrystalline alumina is formed of nano-sized alumina and transparent body, which is used in high-pressure sodium lamp LED, has twice the lighting efficiency of mercury, thus it is pioneering a new way to improve lighting efficiency. Transparent nano-alumina fine ceramics is not only light, but also with a high temperature resistance, high insulation, high strength, small dielectric loss and other properties,it is an excellent optical ceramics, also used be the material of microwave ovens and windows.

(3) nano-alumina ceramic sensors:we exploit Nano-alumina ceramics grain, grain boundary, porosity and other structural features and characteristics as a sensor in the high temperature and corrosive gas environment, which make the detection accuracy of the information controlling rapidly.